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Lloyds Bank plc is a British retail and commercial bank with branches across England and Wales. It has traditionally been considered one of the "Big Four" clearing banks. The bank was founded in Birmingham in 1765. It expanded during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and took over a number of smaller banking companies. In 1995 it merged with the Trustee Savings Bank and traded as Lloyds TSB Bank plc between 1999 and 2013.

Lloydstsb Bank is incompetent and unhelpful with poor customer service and release of funds are delayed and unexplained, Jenny claims at reviews.co.uk

"Incompetent and unhelpful. Shambolic service with the poorest customer service at all levels. Unexplained delays in the release of funds, lengthy call waiting, and obstructive staff who give you the runaround. If you choose to bank with them, good luck. You'll need it!"


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Team Manager (Former Employee) says

"Demoted for the first time in my 30 year career for following government guidelines on Covid and self isolating. Shameful treatment of a loyal, passionate employee. Well done Lloyds! Cons: Too many to list."

Customer service advisor (Former Employee) says

"I have had many different Job roles and had great successes in these jobs but due to redundancy I became an employee for Lloyd’s banking group. Well let me tell you I was only there for just under a year and it was the hardest year in any job I have ever experienced. A so called manager tried to throw on me that I had anxiety issues when actually I was dealing with a very difficult and abusive customer so I asked for support keeping in mind I had only came out of my cadet period 6 weeks after this call. This manager obviously had a unknown degree in being a medical practisioner. I was Then told that they didn’t feel I dealt with this customer properly. This is something that continued for the remainder of my time in the business, I achieved team and crew colleague of the month several times through the year and worked the hardest I could throughout my time here ensuring I would treat both my colleagues and customers fairly and the way I would like to be treat which was nicely. Cons: The job"

Business Banking Sales (New Customer Support) says

"Was singled out by Manager and a very uncomfortable atmosphere. New people are treated differently compared to people who had been there for years. Was often laughed at and belittled for asking for help. Cons: Everything"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 16 years I’m only 35 and they bring you get and you get in to take in new job roles because they don’t want to increase salaries of more experienced staff. The management don’t care, you are just a number and will be loved from pillar to post 16 years of my life lost. I got a new job within weeks and it’s less hours, less stress and £8k more !"

QA Tester (Current Employee) says

"stressfull and low paid, good people but dreadful management, currently downsiing. Work as a contractor on a daily rate which equates to 3 x times what the permanant staff get paid for the same job, creates understandably a quite bad atmosphere"

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"The managers they cant even manage themselves. it is hands down the worst place i have ever worked its depressing. i dont want to write any more as they are not worth it."

Admin Support (Former Employee) says

"LLoyds Banks absolutely horrendous bank you get poor pay and management is incompetent."

Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"sat and watched people work. I had to wake up very early around 7am and had very long hours, I learned organisation and time keeping, mostly for when I had to wake up at early times."

MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"you are required to work over your hours, sometimes you are asked to attend meeting before you are even due to start and also asked to call in after you have finished. Cons: if you like to be micro managed then work here"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Forcing cashiers out of jobs Cons: Long hours"

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"An organisation obsessed within a sales culture above all else to the detriment of its demoralised staff. Low job satisfaction, no real progression opportunities for the majority of staff. Management with no basic idea on how to motivate, effectively communicate and respect staff. Customers seen mainly as a target to flog whatever products are within the bank range, even if customers have no need for them or have been asked numerous times before. It is no wonder that banks have taken over from having a worse reputation than estate agents used to in the 80s and 90s. No doubt, they are hugely relieved. Cons: Being An Employee Full Stop"

Agency Contracted Chef (Former Employee) says

"Bustling kitchen, serving core centre workers.Good team who had to produce food to a tight timescale. Breakfast service and lunch service were provided. Cons: Tight timescales"

Assistant Financial Controller (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like Lloyds. The work life balance was awful, food in the canteen was bad, the work was unbelievably boring and I was very happy to leave that terrible place! Cons: Everything"

Post Room Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Started at this company when it was HBOS, HBOS really valued there employees and rewarded them for their hard work. Once LLoyds took over things went downhill FAST, Lloyds do not care about there employees at all and treat them like slaves and constantly find new methods to cut staff wages.The agency staff that we worked with was treated even worse, having to work unsociable hours on zero hour contracts for min wage. looking forward to my retirement to say the least. Cons: None, Lloyds is horrendus"

Mail Sorter (Former Employee) says

"Worked here on the nightshift with 20 or so over temps in 2008, none of us ever got a permanent job with the company and we only got paid min wage. Don't bother with this company, its a joke. Cons: Everything"

Mailroom Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked here as a temp in 2010 at Lloyds Copley Data Centre and even though the job was easy the way that the company treat there agency staff was absolutely shocking. Shifts often cancelled, rewarded for hitting targets by being sent home 2 hours early (unpaid) and on one occasion Lloyds even phoned me on a Fri ay 12.30 and asked me to come into work for 3 hours work despite not working on any other days that week. For a company this size to treat there staff like this is unacceptable at best. Cons: Where to start"

Mortgage Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Head office have not got a clue about anything going on... Cons: too many."

Senior FX Strategist (Former Employee) says

"Management are arrogant, talentless bullies with no interest in anything but protecting their own positions.Conformity and obedience were valued. Thinking, ideas, talent and originality were seen as threatening. Do not work here."

Complaints Handler (Former Employee) says

"No training but expected to answer customer complaints without any experience of banking. I'm surprised anyone banks with Lloyds as they continue to use inexperienced staff to answer complex customer complaints."

Telephone Banking Advisor (Current Employee) says

"not great, management is terrible and as i've been told previously ' your just a number in an office' and thats exactly how you are treated Cons: everything !!!!"

Danielle says

"The fraud department is useless, company called Licence safe took money from my account it was only suppose to be 14 pound and they took 93 pound and the bank can not stop the payment for me. Absolutely FUMING will be leaving that bank ASAP"

Philip Hare says

"Lloyds bank is a disgrace they set you up to fail its in their policy. If your business banking with any of the high Street Banx you’re a little bit out of touch like Lloyds Bank. Do your research you will see plenty of people including celebrities that have been ripped off robbed. Internet banking is the only way forward because they can think outside the box High Street banks to see you is the next victim. Do you homework before getting a Lloyds account and if you do you’ve not done your homework properly."

David says

"Never use Lloyds bank business account, I've had enough bad experience with them. International payment was rejected, waited on the phone for hours. They argreed to send the money again, but I was charged for extra transaction fee. However, the 2nd attempt payment still doesn't go through, now I am waiting on the phone to talk to them ...."

Steve Howes says


Norbert Boros says

"I am with Lloyds for 6 years now. Like many other individuals, I have managed my business using my personal account with them. And now, like many other people in the time of crisis and need they did not allow me to open a business account to ask for help (covered by the government). Besides this I am paying a hefty fee of 21 gbp monthly for "Platinum" account and I get 0 benefits, 0. There are no words to describe my disappointment and frustration. I wish someone would make them suffer for how they treat people, good people."

Roger says

"Im with Lloyds for 12 years now. I have manage my business from my personal bank account for over 6 years. Now, in a very difficult time, they dont let me to open my business account to apply for the bounce back loan. I got all requirements it needs but even that they are not helping. But to call every month and offer insurances and to "upgrade" my account (to pay more monthly fees), they are the first ones. Very disappointed and frustrated with their behaviour. Moving from there soon."

Lance James says

"Inept, unprofessional, cluless, unhelpful total waste of time use this bank at your peril absolutely diabolical , do not waste your time with them a pity that trust pilot scores 1 to 5 there should be a zero !!!! Lance James Managining Director Bronzegold ltd"

MissTooHonest says

"Such an awful awful bank but they all are let's be honest. So... I was unfortunately in a position where I had to obtain a debt relief order. This is now 7 years ago. So basically, in 2018 Lloyd's added two accounts which were covered by the DRO to my credit report - whilst the DRO was still running (I know LOL right), obviously that was at best immoral and at worst downright illegal so I wrote to them. After some months and wrangling over the phone and my numerous letters (and without bothering to write to me), they removed the dead accounts (which let's just note were closed in 2002 and 2011 respectively). Fine. Or so you'd think. Well my DRO was discharged in April this year. Joy! There I was all ready for my credit rating to go up in June and be able to refinance my car so I can continue to work (I have serious mental health issues so I cannot use public transport to get to work). Let me just add that I spent 2019 clearing ALL my debt so I now have zero debts. So, you can imagine my utter shock and disgust when I check my June credit report to see that Lloyd's have ADDED a NEW Current Account and a NEW credit card! (Same account No's as those on my DRO). Not only did they add 2 NEW accounts, they also took the liberty of adding the same two accounts to my file as DEFAULTED so I now have FOUR Lloyd's accounts on my credit file yet have not been thier customer for 9 years. So, I wrote to them. No response. Wrote to them a 2nd time, by recorded delivery. Letter delivered. No response. So I call them. Spoke to a lady called Chelsea who bless her heart, could do sweet FA but take my complaints and give me a ref No. This was beginning of May. I have subsequently called Lloyd's 8 times and written a further two. Each time I called I have been fobbed off "Someone will call you. No, they will. Honest"... 🙄 I'm still waiting. Get this... I wrote to all x3 credit reference agencies thinking, let's try a 2 pronged attack, well Lloyd's the cheeky beggars (and I have this in writing LOL) told all 3 of them..... We need a drum roll.... "We cannot find any information or data relating to this customer" So let me get this straight: I'm not your customer; Have not been your customer for 9 years; You have no data on me whatsoever; But... I have a NEW credit card A NEW current account And 2 accounts in DEFAULT. Mmmmmmmkayyyyyy😂 At that point I took it to the Ombudsman because let's be honest, there is clearly some MESS GOING ON🤬🤬🤬 Utterly disgusted and lost for words. I'd like to ask them to delete all my data as per a GDPR request but.... They don't have any data about me do they? We've got that in writing 😂... And yet, apparently I have 2 new accounts and 2 in default. And my last point - what they have done is illegal and they have no shame whatsoever in acting that way. All these unscrupulous Charlatans in finance should be in prison. Its disgusting what they get away with it really is."

Ali says

"We have been trying to set up a business account with Lloyds for almost a year - unmitigated nightmare. They have bungled our account time and time again, they don't even attempt to stick to any of the deadlines they set for themselves and now refuse to do anything because they've suspended all new accounts due to corona virus (depsite the fact our account should have been set up months before corona virus happened)."

Jakub Kmita says

"I have been trying to contact Lloyds numerous times spending hours on the phone! No luck! I have an urgent matter regarding my transaction but I cannot speak to anyone about it! Chat in the phone app is broken! All you get are automated answers. Obviously we are in pandemic times but cmon Lloyds. Start treating your customers the way they deserve it for being with you for years!"

suzuki vitra says

"i went elsewhere after 30years rubbish bank gone down hill,never again .KEEP MAKING THOSE SAD JOKE ADVERTS"

TDog says

"They really are the most horrendous bank! We have baked with them for two years. We were outsourcing our payroll and decided to bring it in house. We recruited a finance manager and completed and sent the forms for her to have full delegate access for two of our four accounts. The forms were received by Lloyds 9 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago we tried to set up workers but it turned out both full delegate accounts were set up as view only. I called and they checked the forms and confirmed they had been completed correctly but not setup their end properly. They explained that this would be logged with the Internet banking department and they would resolve. 1 week later... still no news and I had to call.... they apologized and 2 days later 1 account was set up correctly but the other one still wrong. I called again, they said it would be resolved.... 2 days later no news. I called again and they told me they didn't receive the form.... interesting as they were in the same envelope and previously confirmed both forms were completed properly. At this point I logged all the issues as an official complaint. 3 days later still no news so called again.... by this point we had to pay the outsauce company to run the payroll for another week costing us £150. I was told the form was filled in wrong for the remaining account despite been assured they were both correct 2 weeks before. They said they would need to email me another form. Next day still no form... another call and they finally emailed the form. This was a complete joke as due to lockdown we now had to complete and post to each director. The good news (or so we thought), was they called and said if we email the competed form over they would change the account. So we did this and emailed over n the Friday 15th that night they called and said the copy wasn't good enough (it was completely fine but we did another copy and i told photos and resent on Saturday. Monday..... still no news, emailed again, no response, emailed again today (Tuesday)..... still no news..... another payroll missed. Dont go with this bank!! They are the worst bank I have ever dealt with. We are in the process of moving.... this is how they treat business with £5million turnover!"

Consumer says

"More is a drama than really helping customers and small businesses. Accounts & Relationship Managers are arbitrarily refusing applications with no tangible reasons. CBILS scheme announced by the gov is not helping small businesses. Lloyds should really do to help than their cosmetic publicity. Recently their manager refused business interruption loan application for no reason contrary to the purpose CBILS scheme."

John says

"Bunch of crooks still charging interest rates through no matter of our fault as not working due to the virus. Bailed these wan#ers out and now can't help us out I say to everyone close your accounts with banks."

John says

"For the past week every time I have tried to use mobile banking app I get a message telling me there are problems at the bank and to try again later . This is just the latest manifestation of an appalling service which is just one thing after another .It’s just not good enough ."

James Barnard says

"Very poor service. Never get a response from the bank on the business side. Personal slightly better. Staff in most of the branches seem to be unhelpful and at times rude. Have recently opened another business account for a second business with Barclays and service much better"

Clyde says

"I had the option to used my credit card for a balance transfer. So I tougjt to myself that it will come in handy during this covid period. In a blink of an eye before I used it loyds took it away. They must have said costumers won't be able to repay their debts during lockdown. The times you need them the most they are not there."

Jahan says

"It's very bad bank in security and fraud PayPal took 200 hundred pound from my account I don't have PayPal account and I did contact bank and told them what happened. Later they send me letter and they told me we cannot refund your money. And they told Me you have to contact PayPal. I told bank don't pay money to them, but they played And now two week I'm trying to contact PayPal to fiend out who took money from my account."

David Rosenfeld says

"Warning to those who are asking for a payment holiday with Blackhorse finance in these exceptional times We are being charge £100.00 extra interest for 1 month on £845 payment. Tried to raise complaint on line with no luck. Thankyou Lloyds !!"

Aleks grin says

"Customer service? No, never heard! Applied for loans as “valuable” customer and suddenly APR rates just suddenly jump from 2,3% to 12,3% , no response at all with explanation."

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